Susan Renni Anderson

Best Selling Author - Executive Coach -
Change Management Practitioner - Speaker

Change the Future: Servant Leadership

According to Goodreads, there are more than 38,000 books on leadership and only 450 or so on Servant Leadership. When I searched “Implementing Servant Leadership,” there were only two currently in print.  I own both titles.  They were helpful, but they were more of the “What and Why” of Servant Leadership.  I could not find what sounded like a book on HOW TO implement Servant Leadership in an existing business.

This book is a step-by-step, month-by-month guide to implementing Servant Leadership in your organization.

Christianity’s Jewish Roots:

A Study of Judaism for Christians

For Christians, the old testament is mysterious and often unexplored.  This study of Judaism is both broad in scope, yet introductory in depth.  If you are a Christian who is curious about the origins of your faith, this book is for you.

The entire Bible and every one of its authors were Jewish.  Jesus was a Jewish teacher and his apostles were Jewish.  Jesus spoke primarily to a Jewish audience. This study will seek to answer questions like:

  • Who is a Jew?
  • Do all Jews share the same beliefs?
  • Why don’t Jews believe that Jesus was the Messiah?
  • When did Jews become Christians?

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