About Susan

Susan Renni Anderson


Susan Renni Anderson is passionate about helping Christian entrepreneurs fully understand their identity as God sees them. To do this, she uses her understanding of Scriptures and her position as a leader in the business community. 

Susan coaches Christian entrepreneurs to turn their “stuck” company into a thriving, servant-led organization.  She gives them a step-by-step solution to less stress, greater profits, and a more joyful experience for their employees and clients. And, she guarantees that if the students accepted into her 12-month program show up and do the work, they will see a ten-fold return on their investment. 

To know about Susan’s coaching method, Your Work + HIS Work, you must know three things. First, that she has a strong and fulfilling Jewish heritage and faith. Second, that she has had a successful career in the business world. And third, that she is a Christian.

Anderson combines these three seemingly separate worlds in her own life. She has found great success as she marries truths from Judaism, Christianity and enterprise. And now, she will use the truths from these three worlds to train Christian entrepreneurs. 

Anderson has been a coach by trade for many years. She is also the author of Christianity’s Jewish Roots: A Study of Judaism for Christians. With a focus in Christian entrepreneurship, she is able to teach her coaching concepts using her Jewish understanding of her Christian faith.

Susan’s faith journey began in childhood. She cherished her Jewish family, history and faith throughout her life. She ate meals with a multi-generational family that passed down the wisdom and knowledge at the dinner table. She attended Hebrew school and celebrated her Bat Mitzvah. She married and raised her children within this faith. Her family were faithful members of their local synagogue.  

And then, after she was already a grandmother, she began a new journey. First, the temple her family attended merged with another congregation and moved far away. 

After some time of not being able to worship with her congregation, she began to visit a church. While she expected to feel like an outsider, the group welcomed her. She felt nudged by the Holy Spirit as she sought answers in the New Testament. She read books, met with Christian leaders and asked lots of questions. After a lot of conversation, prayer and study, she decided to put her faith in Jesus Christ. 

As she began to meet with other Christians, she realized that many of them did not have much knowledge of Judaism. Because she saw how many of Jesus’s words and teachings were informed by his Jewish heritage, she decided to teach classes. And then she wrote a book to help other Christians read the New Testament with deep physical knowledge of the culture who would have first heard Jesus’s teachings. 

In addition to her faith, Anderson has a long history of coaching and consulting.  She began her career as a stockbroker, then as a mutual fund wholesaler. She then built a business coaching brokers and financial advisors. Later, she was a sales manager of 65 real estate agents. After this, she began coaching members of the real-estate business. 

Susan’s coaching program has an application process. Then, working together in a 12-month executive coaching program, you will identify and implement your company’s core values. Anderson helps entrepreneurs transition an organization from control and command leadership to servant leadership. During this time, they will develop high-performance teams headed by departmental servant leaders.

If you are an interested entrepreneur, you can sign up for a three day intensive course that begins in March 2022!