“In this extraordinary book, Susan takes Christians on a journey through the roots of our faith and offers insight on the history of Jesus and the traditions of Judaism that He taught. Christianity’s Jewish Roots is a must read for anyone wanting to grow more in their faith and learn about its foundation with a new and refined perspective.”

Dr. David Friedman 
Syndicated TV and Radio Health Expert, International-award winning, #1 bestselling author of Food Sanity

“Susan Renni Anderson has done a stellar job. Christianity’s Jewish Roots: A Study of Judaism for Christians takes you on a fascinating journey into every Christian’s ancestry. Susan has created a must-read in understanding Christianity’s deep connection to Jewish History. This is an easy to read, easy to follow study. Christianity’s Jewish Roots is ideal for small groups, church retreats, or individuals interested in their heritage.”

Rev. Scott Simpson
Associate Pastor for Congregational Care
First Presbyterian Church in San Antonio, TX

“With a fresh perspective that blends unique, personal experience and deep, passionate faith, Susan Renni Anderson has a gift for helping people connect the theological dots between the Christian faith and it’s Jewish heritage. In my congregation, Christianity’s Jewish Roots has been a superb resource for individuals and small groups who want to deepen their faith in Jesus by exploring our inextricable connection to the traditions of ancient Israel.”

Jeremy Lawson
Senior Pastor
Hamilton Mill United Methodist Church
Dacula, GA

“Christianity’s Jewish Roots: A Study of Judaism for Christians explores the amazing journey into the origins of the Christian faith. Susan created a must-read in understanding Christianity’s deep connection to Jewish history. Organized and easy to follow, the book is ideal for Sunday School classes, Bible studies, or individuals interested in their heritage.”

Diane Greenwood Muir, Author
Bellingwood series
Mage’s Odyssey series

This book was so incredibly helpful. I’ve been looking for a book that connects Judaism to Christianity in both historical and religious aspects and this was the perfect book. It discusses the similarities and differences in these two religions in a way that was easy to understand and really gives the reader a deeper understanding of how the Bible comes full circle from Old Testament to New Testament. This would be a great book for a bible study group!”

Jason Whitfield

As a Christian, I have always been interested in our Jewish heritage. The book was so well written and easy to understand. Thank you so very much for your expertise and sharing it with us.”

Patricia B