Courage to Serve Masterclass

There is a kind if leader with a rare combination of traits. A leader who is courageous enough to take people to a daring destination, yet humble enough to selflessly serve others on the journey. This dynamic tension between boldness and serving creates the conditions for the people to deliver superior performance.

This leader has crystal clear purpose and principles—for the benefit of the people, not them- selves. As a result, they inspire other to grow and contribute their best.

Would you like to follow this leader?

Would you like to be one?

We live in a culture that assumes leadership is all about the leader—their résumé, promotions, wealth, and fame. Leaders who leverage others’ skills and talents for their own benefit are often on magazine covers but seldom remembered fondly by their followers.

The Courage to Serve Masterclass is aimed at turning the traditional norms of leadership on their head in favor of a new kind of leader: The Servant Leader. Servant leaders are recognized as a steward of the people, resources and organizations they lead. They see their position not as the ultimate authority, but as an opportunity they have been given to make a difference in the lives of others. They have high aspirations for the people—to grow them and access their best contributions—so that the organization will thrive for years to come.